Maison Labiche continues its encounters around words with Nathan Robin, a young photographer who recently became an art dealer.

Specializing in still-life photography, particularly in the fields of fashion and jewelry, Nathan welcomes us into his Parisian apartment on the 7th floor of a building on Rue d'Aboukir. He opens the doors to an elegant and artistic universe, where light embraces his warm duplex, as a reflection of his work and personality.

For Nathan, words represent a challenge that he aspires to master even more. In fact, it was this feeling of wordlessness and boredom that first led him to pick up a camera. For him, photography has become a means of expressing and sharing his emotions, sometimes taking the place of words.

The word "Adventure" embroidered on his T-shirt testifies to his commitment to always embrace new experiences with courage. Being a photographer for several years now, it was while contemplating a work by Marina Taleb hanging in his living room that Nathan felt the desire to arouse the same emotions in others than the one he felt when looking at this painting.

Thus was born the Haensel Leith Collection, a collection of contemporary works (paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc.) that can be purchased directly online, with the aim of putting works of art back into to their rightful place in the world of decoration and space design. Conceived as a carefully renewed selection, this curation is aimed at decorators, architects and all those who aspire to integrate art into their daily lives.

Art, but also poetry. For him, Maison Labiche is an addition of poetry to everyday life thanks to their embroideries, which is also what he aspires to create and transmit with photography and works of art.


  • Word of the day?

    Sun. Our guest for today.

  • The author of your favorite words?

    Dostoïevski, for his humor of course.

  • Your favorite quote or words?

    "Beauty is the harmony of chance and goodness », Simone Veil

  • A word in song?

    "In the nearby cafés, there were a few of us waiting for glory », La bohème by Charles Aznavour.

  • The word that defines you?

    Stubborn. I think that defines me pretty well.

  • The word that changed your life?

    Boredom. It was boredom that made me want to pick up a camera.

  • The word that comforts you?

    Happy Hour.

  • The word that inspires you?

    Compassion. It's a beautiful quality that I wish I had more of.

  • A word of love / A kind word?

    Respect. The most beautiful proof of love.

  • The word that annoys you?

    Patience. I don't have any.

  • The word that revolts you?

    Meat. That's for sure.

  • The most beautiful word?


  • The last word?

    Just do it. It's not from Maison Labiche, but it works every time.

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