Julie Pellet & Mathieu Cervety

For Valentine's Day, Maison Labiche had the pleasure of meeting Julie and Mathieu, a couple of 14 years. They welcomed us into their Parisian apartment, perched on the sixth floor of an incredible villa in the 18th arrondissement. In their own image, the apartment is a stylish blend of travel memories and creative family influences.

Both passionate about the digital world and "children of tech", their story began in Dublin in 2010, when they were working at Facebook and Google. Affectionately nicknamed "the internets“ by their friends and family, Julie and Mathieu live life at 200 miles an hour.

Parents of three little boys aged 5, 3 and 1, they juggle their professional careers and parenthood with verve, without ever slowing down.
After the success of Maison Canopia, their travel-inspired jewelry brand, they are now embarking on the renovation of an architect-designed house near Paris.

"Aujourd'hui" was an obvious choice for their personalized embroidery. It became their watchword, inspired by a touching anecdote from a family trip to Polynesia. Pio, their eldest son aged 4 at the time, exclaimed "Oh, I love it today!“ A memory that amuses them, but above all encourages them to take full advantage of the moments they have together as a family.

For Mathieu, words have always had a special place, as evidenced by his notebook of quotations, which he has been completing since he was a teenager. With Julie, they cultivate this love of words by leaving each other messages on post-it notes, a touching way of communicating on a daily basis. With Maison Canopia, they like to express emotions, share and take people on a journey through words.

The Words of Julie & Mathieu's

  • Word of the day?

    Caffeine. The nights are short for both of us at the moment.

  • The author of your favorite words?

    Mathieu : Albert Camus. Thanks to the quote "Il faut imaginer Sisyphe heureux" ("You have to imagine Sisyphus happy") that my father used to say to me as a teenager, at a time of life when you ask yourself a lot of questions.

    Julie : Thomas Lélu. I'm crazy about him.

  • Your favorite quote or words?

    Julie : « I don't know fear, because fear kills the spirit. Fear is the little death that leads to total obliteration. I'll face my fear. I'll allow it to pass over me, through me. And when it has passed, I will turn my inner eye on its path. And where it has passed, there will be nothing. Only me. » A quote from the book "Dune" by Franck Herbert, which made me realize that I had to accept my fear and face up to it in order to leave it behind.

  • A word in song?

    You can't always get what you want. This is the song we sing to our children to explain that you can't always get what you want. It makes us laugh, and them a little less so.

  • The word that defines you?

    The Internets. That's what our friends call us. It's like our branding.

  • The word that changed your life?

    Karate. Julie: I started karate at the age of 11, and it helped me gain self-confidence and learn the notion of effort.

  • The word that comforts you?

    Tadam. Netflix..

  • The word that inspires you?

    Light. Mathieu: as a photography enthusiast, I know that light is a source of inspiration.
    Julie: I do cyanotypes, so light also plays a fundamental role.

  • A word of love / A kind word?

    Chérichou. Our little nickname.

  • The word that annoys you?

    Three words: Wifi too slow.

  • The word that revolts you?

    Feminicide. 134 feminicides in France in 2023.

  • The most beautiful word?



    Gnocchi. Mathieu: Julie loves it.


    Marrade. We laugh all the time.


    It's your turn. That's what we'd like to say to each other every night with the kids…

  • The last word?