Maison Labiche presents first campaign :

Maison Labiche loves words. As the label’s starting point and signature, today words are the focal point of a new campaign, featuring 10 playful and creative ambassadors.

Majid, the inspiring entrepreneur and inspired aesthete.

Master of her own restaurant.

Labiche words are also your own.

Richie, the colorful artist.

Maison Labiche gave Alice, PM, Paul & Tonya, Abu, Majid, Mathilde, Richie, Isabelle and Marie-Yemta free rein to tell their own stories through an embroidery.

A symbol of affection, the name of a loved one, a go-to quote; each person selected their own Labiche words to wear proudly on their heart.

Labiche words are an invitation to expression, declaration and creativity – an ode to the beauty of vocabulary; an invitation to all that they can mean, express and represent.

Labiche words are also your own: they embody all your own anecdotes, promises and feelings.

Pierre has many passions in life, but one adoration above all others: his son.

Isabelle is proud of her craft.

Words embroidered forever.

Thanks to the unique craft of embroidery, Maison Labiche brings your words to life on all its pieces; countless unique items that belong to you, and become heirlooms to love, keep and cherish forever, bearing your own personal stories. Words embroidered forever.

Intimate words on a timeless white t-shirt – the brand’s iconic style – spotlighted in the streets of Paris and in the press for the very first time.

Body and soul
Abu goes where his flow takes him.

For Mathilde, life is a party.

The Souths
Marie-Yemta follows every path that calls to her.

Loves me / loves me not
Tonia & Paul are soulmates, floral aficionados
and experts in the power of love.

Discover the stories behind these words and create your own, in stores and online.