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Maison Labiche was born in Paris, in 2011. From the start, our vision was to create a community-focused and ethically-minded, purposeful brand.

The story began with one iconic, universal and timeless item: the white t-shirt.

The perfect t-shirt: an obsession

“bring couture-like craftmanship to a wardrobe basic”

In the beginning, there was only one t-shirt. It was white, made from heavyweight cotton, with a classic fit and cuffed short sleeves. That original tee is still around, and we’ve barely made any changes to it over the years. To this day, each piece we create is developed with the same philosophy: we want to make items that are so good that we won’t have to change or edit them, and you’ll want to keep them forever. Every millimetre, every gram counts. Our meshes are developed in-house from A to Z, from the thread to the weaving technique, down to the fit and smallest details. The aim is to bring you perfectly-made items that are thoughtful and considered. We are obsessed with making the perfect edit of t-shirts for everyone and for every occasion.

Driven by a passion for this timeless unisex essential, Maison Labiche has incorporated proprietary fonts for embroidery and embraced an ambition to: “bring couture-like craftmanship to a wardrobe basic

Embroidery: our unique craft

Wear it on your heart: it’s our favorite way to express what matters to us.

Embroidery is originally an ancestral technique, and historically heavily embellished. Unlike printing, in which an image sits on top of the fabric, embroidery is a precise craft, with the thread gripping to the textile to form a symbiotic relationship.

When we started, the embroidered t-shirts we had come across were highly intricate, embellished luxury pieces. We made it a point to simplify the embroidery process, paring it back to a minimalist art. We use a chain stitch technique and sewing thread for a minimal but durable result. Though we have often been imitated since our early days, this remains our signature today, as well as a deep source of pride.

Wear it on your heart: it’s our favorite way to express what matters to us.

Wear it on your heart: it’s our favorite way to express what matters to us. The original placement, on the heart, is a subtle nod to 1950s school uniforms and Varsity jackets.

Today, our service has expanded to include embroidery on the chest, sleeve and back of our pieces, providing even more ways to say what’s on your mind.

Our fonts: a personal touch

Developed in-house, our proprietary fonts are exclusive to us. Early on, we used our Cursive writing, inspired by the handwriting taught to French students. We’ve since introduced the more modern Baton font, as well as Serif and capital letters. All our embroideries are carefully perfected to guarantee an authentic and unique result.

Personalization: our mark of excellence


Allowing you to make our pieces your own gives us great joy and pride. We love hearing about the memories you make with your Maison Labiche creations. We’ve heard it all: special events, proposals, gifts, and more…

Each personalized piece has its own story, and we love giving you this freedom to keep creating. When we launched, we were precursors in the personalization space and we will continue to develop new techniques, new imagery and new pieces for you to build your own future memories with.


Want to create your own personalized piece? To get started, head to the Personalisation page or to one of our stores.

MAISON LABICHE MARAIS 105 rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris
01 42 78 63 10
11h—19h30 Monday to Saturday 11h-19h Sunday
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MAISON LABICHE BATIGNOLLES 71 place du Docteur Félix Lobligeois 75017 Paris
09 81 10 55 07
11h—14h et 15h—19h30 Tuesday to Friday 11h—19h Saturday
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MAISON LABICHE SAINT-GERMAIN 18 rue du Vieux Colombier 75006 Paris
09 83 39 12 26
10h30—14h et 15h—19h Monday to Friday 11h—19h Saturday
Sur-mesure embroidery

Do you have a special request? Are you looking to personalize 10 or more pieces for your friends, your company or an event?

Reach out to La Manufacture Maison Labiche.

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