Maison Labiche imagines unique pieces for the Rodin Museum gift shop, the majestic temple dedicated to sculptor Auguste Rodin, located in the 7th arrondissement. This collection celebrates the work of the artist, tinted with both tradition and modernity - two of the founding values of Maison Labiche.

For over 20 years, Alberto Brusamolino has been developing the Museum’s products shop with a masterful hand. He welcomes us in the gardens of this out-of-time place, and talks about his position at the Rodin Museum and their collaboration with Maison Labiche, at the turn of a sculpture.

« Breathe a wind of innovation through unexpected collaborations. » Alberto

The self-financing status of the Museum and the independence of its gift shop allows a great freedom to Alberto, who is able to propose a unique and singular product offer. He wants to breathe a wind of innovation through unexpected collaborations. To him, the work between the Museum and Maison Labiche stands as the meeting point between two arts.


« Maison Labiche is a savoir-faire and history-driven company, and that is exactly what I look for for our shop. » Alberto

Alberto, a Maison Labiche customer himself, came to think of our Parisian brand quite naturally, as to imagine a unique collaboration. « Maison Labiche is a savoir-faire and history-driven company, and that is exactly what I look for for our gift shop ». Accompanied by our teams, Alberto wanted to reinterpret iconic pieces from the Maison Labiche wardrobe, and imagined a 180 grams organic cotton T-shirt and two embroidered caps paying homage to the sculptor. A successful bet, since the public has shown great interest since the beginning of the collaboration over a year ago.


« At the end, Beauty is everywhere. It is not what is missing to our eye, but it is our eyes that fail to see it. Beauty is character and expression. » Auguste Rodin

To choose a quote from Rodin to embroider the Maison Labiche basics was an obvious choice for Alberto. For him, this simple quote transcribes this idea that « beauty is universal but subjective, everyone has their own vision of beauty and their own way to interpret it. It is also a way to see Rodin’s work. ». A strong message that is worn with pride on a timeless piece from our wardrobe: the white T-shirt. Keeping a message from the sculptor in mind confirms Alberto’s avant-garde approach, as well as his conception of a souvenir gift: it’s about cherishing an idea in addition to the image of an art-piece.

Alberto also reflects on his exchanges with our team: « To develop a good product means having a trusting and durable relationship with your supplier. It means solid listening skills are necessary, just like in a couple! »

Maison Labiche is proud to build this love story with the Rodin Museum gift shop.

Musée Rodin
77 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris