Maison Labiche continues its encounters around words with Majid Mohammad, florist for over 25 years and one of the faces of our "Les mots Labiche" (The Labiche Words) campaign.
This time, Majid welcomes us into his refined, art-filled world at his flower store "Muse" and at the Hôtel "Monsieur Aristide" in Paris's 18th arrondissement, where he creates his floral arrangements.

Born in Teheran and living in Paris for the past twenty years, Majid creates unique and sophisticated floral arrangements for everyone, from the occasional amateur to the fashionista with a passion for flowers.
He imagines and creates in his boutique-atelier Muse , which he opened just over 10 years ago in a picturesque Montmartre alleyway . An arrondissement he appreciates for its height over Paris and its artistic imprint.
For Majid, floristry is above all a profession of passion that demands a lot of love and energy every day . What motivates him every day is the joy and happiness his floral creations bring.

Sensitive to words , the name of his boutique was very carefully selected. The word "Muse" represents the quintessence of inspiration, and for Majid, flowers are his primary source of inspiration. As true muses, they inspire artists, designers and many other people on a daily basis. This word was therefore an obvious choice for the name of his boutique, as well as for his personalized Maison Labiche embroidery.

Words are an integral part of Majid's life, and he's a great lover of literature. They are an invitation to travel and the driving force behind his imagination. Especially when he reads poetry, an art that embellishes life by playing with words. For Majid, when we let ourselves wander through words, we simply travel.

Majid’s Words

  • Word of the day?

    Beautiful. That's what I say to myself every morning when I look at my flowers.

  • The author of your favorite words?

    Victor Hugo , especially the novel Les Misérables.

  • Your favorite quote or words?

    "C'est la vie" . Quite simply.

  • A word in song?

    Les voyages immobiles , a sublime song by Etienne Daho.

  • The word that defines you?

    Passionate. I'm passionate about my job.

  • The word that changed your life?

    Decision. It's always difficult to make.

  • The word that comforts you?


  • The word that inspires you?

    The universe. , it fascinates me.

  • A word of love / A kind word?


  • The word that annoys you?

    Routine. It's repeated all the time, it scares me.

  • The word that revolts you?

    Injustice , that's what I hate.

  • The most beautiful word?


  • The last word?


Majid’s Wardrobe