The embroidery at the heart of our craftsmanship

Maison Labiche, the history.

Created in 2011 by a team of Parisians, Maison Labiche constantly strived to develop a brand with a soul and a personality, founded around high-end quality pieces.

The story of Maison Labiche started with an iconic and timeless product, the hand-embroidered Tee-shirt, presenting the typography with chain stitch, which inspired by the 50's boarding school kid's blouse. This writing developed by Maison Labiche has now become its own distinct script of the brand. An emblem illustrates as seasonal pictograms and embroidered on the heart in every collection.

Inspiration / James Dean

the white tee-shirt,

mixed and popular

Colette showcase with tee-shirts
Maison Labiche in 2011

do your own

The personnalisation with manual embroidered message

Soon, the T-shirt Maison Labiche become a blank canvas alike on which everyone can project their desires. Today the brand offers to customize all its iconic products such as sailor shirts or sweatshirts, thanks to the atelier "Do You Own" online or in our boutique. The pioneering personalization of Maison Labiche embroiders with the message from the customers, which illustrates each Tee-shirt, sailor shirt, sweatshirt a unique and intimate experience.

In 2011, the once famous store Colette and Maison Labiche unveiled their first collaboration with a Colette t-shirt embroidered with its signature blue, which gave a brilliant achievement. Nowadays, Maison Labiche embraces various and exclusive collaborations with prestigious concept stores and brands worldwide in each season.


quality products

60’s Inspiration

The boutique Maison Labiche

The first Maison Labiche boutique opened in 2016 in the heart of the Marais, where the brand presents ready-to-wear collections of women, men, and kids. The collection of accessories and small leather goods including caps and beanies are in store. In parallel, the products are available in several points of sales and concept stores, selected because of its excellent quality and the well-known French touch around the world.


The savoir-faire and the quality from Maison Labiche

Maison Labiche creates its ready-to-wear collection in the studio located in the heat of the city Paris, where the house considers every detail and design meticulously. The fabrics and materials are chosen thoughtfully with primarily natural materials. The clothes are produced mainly in our Portuguese manufacturers who we trust by our visit and quality check regularly.



The style Maison Labiche

Maison Labiche multiplies its sources of inspiration, from the '20’s to the hip-hop years, passing through the 50's boarding school kid's blouse. The font script is always embroidered over the heart to allude to a popular subculture that makes the big difference between the combinations of American gas station attendant that surrounds Varsity jackets, or even the boarding school kid's blouse from the 50’s.

50's and 80's

The theme of the collections is, each season, based on a new trip from Paris, a city meaningful to Maison Labiche. The result is a cultural fusion between a Parisian heritage and fantastic inspiration to a more or less distant destination. From Versailles to the Moon, Maison Labiche draws on its imaginary ramble to create a wardrobe of timeless basics enhanced with sophistication and its expertise.

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