For the end of the year festivities, Maison Labiche teams up with the iconic Brasserie Lipp, the unmissable gourmet go-to for fashion addicts. On the menu, a white cotton unisex T-shirt - a true Maison Labiche essential - that shouts “Garçon, s’il-vous-plaît?”, a very cliché and Parisian phrase, but ever-so beloved in the emblematic brasserie. Another T-shirt puts tasting in the figurative sense, with the “Une table au paradis, svp !”
(“A table in paradise please!”) embroidered on the heart.

Maison Labiche a Brasserie LIPP

On the Boulevard Saint Germain, LIPP remains a true institution that arouses emotion in the heart of every food connoisseur everywhere in the world. As a theater of chic and good taste, the brasserie reconnects with a past marked by eminent fashion personalities.

Maison Labiche and the Brasserie LIPP engage a conversation with their two exclusives creations, each house savoir-faire serving the other. While the brasserie acquired its renown from the same schedule it had 60 years ago, Maison Labiche is a reference for contemporary embroidery and durable, quality basics. This relationship translates a will to put the “art de vivre à la française” (“art of living the French way") in the light, and in all its forms.

Whether it’s for clothing aficionados or fans of a good veal stew, this fashion collaboration celebrates all pleasures of the table.

The “Maison Labiche x Brasserie Lipp” Popincourt T-shirts are available today,
online and in the Brasserie Lipp.