Maison Labiche continues down the path of their long-term collaboration with the Universal Studios, and revisits Jaws -a classic of American cinema.

With this new capsule collection, Maison Labiche pays homage to the most famous shark in cinema history, which terrorizes the coasts of Amity Island.

Maison Labiche X JAWS

Since it first came out in 1975, Jaws has been scaring generations of spectators, particularly with its breathless suspense and frightening music.

Inspired by this big-screen classic, the collaboration pairs the universe of the marine predator with Maison Labiche’s craftsmanship, and illustrates itself on our essentials: Tee-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, swimsuits or even caps for all the cold sweat lovers and swimming enthusiasts.

Exclusive embroideries and prints reinterpret Steven Spielberg’s iconic sharks, as well as the iconic movie poster.

The « Maison Labiche x Jaws » collection is available in limited-edition on and in our Marais flagship.