Maison Labiche x Hôtel Rochechouart

As part of its Manufacture collaborations, where it shares its expertise with places with common values, Maison Labiche has partnered with the Rochechouart Hotel to create a unique collection to dress the staff of this Art Deco hotel.

Located in Montmartre since 1929, the hotel was recently renovated by the independent hotel group Orso with the aim of preserving the history and architectural heritage of this flagship aim of preserving the history and architectural heritage of this iconic place from the Parisian Roaring Twenties, while infusing it with a contemporary and 2meless spirit.
In the hotel’s restaurant, we sat down with Olivia de Rohan Chabot, the Orso Group marketing director, to talk about this unique place and the history of its collaboration with Maison Labiche.

"It's a very old hotel that has seen many eras and major events since 1929. For the renovation, we wanted to preserve the integrity of the building while giving it a modern touch."

The founders of the Orso group, Louis & Anouck Solanet, have always been committed to creating a hotel brand with a soul.With their seven establishments offering unique sights and experiences, they never fail to bring emotion and memories to the hotel customers.
With its unique universe, the Hotel Rochechouart fully embodies this spirit while combining a friendly and intimate atmosphere thanks to its warm restaurant in 1930s style, its hidden rooftop with a view of the Sacré-Cœur, and its Japan-inspired Mikado club.

To extend the customer experience of their hotels, Olivia and the Orso group wanted to collaborate with local artisans and companies that promote similar values: quality, durability, and timelessness. The collaboration with Maison Labiche therefore came quite naturally, as to develop the entire range of the Orso group's uniforms.

"Maison Labiche highlights a timeless expertise: embroidery on quality basics that stand the test of time."

For the Hotel Rochechouart, Maison Labiche reinterpreted its iconic 180-gram organic cotton T-shirt and timeless worker jacket by adding embroideries depicting this exceptional Parisian location.

For Olivia, this perfectly matches the spirit of the Orso group, which values vintage in the decoration of its hotels as well as objects that carry a history.
For the hotel teams it was also important to offer quality products that could adapt to their working conditions and that they would be proud to wear on a daily basis.

"Here, everyone wears their Maison Labiche jacket with enthusiasm. It's very rewarding for our team to have comfortable and quality uniforms to work from morning until night."

The first collaboration was for the Hotel Rochechouart and its "Bar sur le Toit" rooftop, but the idea of deploying an embroidered uniform across all Orso hotels quickly emerged.

Last surprise, the Orso group recently opened “Citrons et Huitres”, an oyster bar located right next door to the Hotel Rochechouart. Maison Labiche created new unique embroideries in collaboration with the artistic direction of the place to affix motifs such as an oyster or a knife on their iconic white T-shirt (available for sale at the bar).

"The advantage of embroidery is personalization as it is a vector of memories and allows us to highlight the identity of our establishments."

This convivial place and its neighborhood fish shop auro offers oysters, crudos, and various shellfish accompanied by a fresh market lemon.
Like Maison Labiche, Citrons & Huîtres is a bar that highlights French expertise, with natural wines and quality products.

Hôtel Rochechouart,
55 Blvd Marguerite de Rochechouart,
75009 Paris